yoga mat

yoga mat (affordable alternative)

gliding discs

cork yoga blocks

yoga wheel

foam roller

handle bands set

massage gun

loop bands

pull-up resistance band set

adjustable jump rope

32 oz water bottle

meal prep containers

slow masticating juicer

vitamix blender

stainless steel snack containers

lemon saver

onion saver

avocado saver

dish towels

toe separators

silk eye mask

tongue cleaner


letting go // david r. hawkins

homecoming // john bradshaw

why we sleep // matthew walker

how to change your mind // michael pollan

in an unspoken voice // peter a. levine

how to be an adult in relationships // david richo

the power of awareness // neville goddard

transcending the levels of consciousness // david r. hawkins

ask your guides // sonia choquette

the polyvagal theory // stephen w. porges