treat your body
like it belongs to
someone you love


When we work together, I bring the value of my knowledge in the field of fitness + wellness to work along side you co-creating a program that challenges you, makes you stronger both mentally + physically, and ultimately, brings the results you desire. I have studied the body and movement for almost a decade and view my services as a co-creation. I believe no one knows your body and desires better than you. As a result of training this way, each of my client's experience a different program uniquely tailored to them.


All needs and goals vary from client-to-client, thus no two programs are the same. With that said, a common thread in all my training is the focus on:

❈ improving body mechanics
❈ increasing range of motion through mobility and flexibility
❈ drills pre + post workout to improve movement patterns
❈ intentional breathing
❈ proper form/alignment + helpful cues to connect with your body

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about rita

I am a certified fitness trainer and wellness coach with an insatiable hunger for discovering how movement and emotions inform and shape every aspect of our lives.

My outlook on wellness is simple: our practices are meant to enrich the experience of our lives. If you know me even a little, you are fully aware I am allergic to diets, calorie counting, scales, fad workout trends, and anything that is too extreme, rigid, or burdensome.

Truly life-giving, sustainable practices are joyful, adaptable, and guided by the earth's rhythms. Different seasons will call on us to use different tools, and I seek to cultivate empowerment and education through every space we find ourselves in along the way.

Our body is the vessel we experience life through and when we take care of it lovingly, we transform everything within and around us. I believe being active, fueling consciously, living intentionally, and being gentle through it all are some of the greatest forms of self-love.

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