Establishing AM & PM Rituals

One truth amongst humans: our bodies thrive on routine. We are free and boundless, yes — but these vessels still require some structure for systems to function efficiently.

Constantly in motion, we take our nervous systems through this whirlwind with us. Overstimulation makes it challenging for our bodies/minds to decompress, even when attempting to relax. Essentially: we don’t reset in times of rest.

On top of that, a small change in our environment is all it takes to throw us off completely. We experience this most when the seasons change, or when we travel. This is why internal balance is so important. Because we can’t pause life — why would we want to? Its natural state is transformation.

We seem to forget that our bodies are quite adaptable. They manage a lot of complex processes without needing us to understand how; the least we can do is align with it’s most ideal environment/practices. Remember, we are really microcosms of this vast world, so it’s most ideal environment is one that mirrors this planet. The more we align with nature, the easier ebb & flow becomes for our bodies. We are connected after all.

Through changing seasons,
the sun always rises and sets.

When I work with clients individually, creating solid morning and evening routines is key at the beginning of the coaching process. Below you’ll find a few of the practices I suggest when establishing lifestyle practices that honor a natural balance. Start implementing change realistically, then gradually introduce new practices. No baby step in the right direction is too small.

1. Wake and rise with the sun.
If your schedule allows it, aligning your rest with the sun’s rest is by far the greatest practice that brings natural rhythm to our entire being. At the very least, aim for making the time you wake and the time you rest the same each night.

2. No artificial lights for 1 hour between resting, AM & PM. 

Even if screen usage wasn’t bad for us, I would still strongly suggest taking the hour before and after resting to care for your being — presently.

If this sounds impossible in your current routine — what skill do you want to refine/master? Make your goals part of your reality. Plan these practices into your daily routine.

3. Utilize the stopwatch/timer on your phone. We’re likely aware certain practices, even healthy ones, take up way too much of our day. More importantly, we have time-consuming processes we are extremely naive about. Using timers gives us a deeper awareness of how long we spend doing certain activities + it provides a tangible number to measure & improve.

I no longer resonate with the notion that we ‘don’t have’ time. Being efficient and intentional with time ensures that we always have enough of it.

4. Meditate. If it’s just 6 deep inhales and exhales in bed every morning & night, that is genuinely enough to be present. Your breath connects your mind/spirit to your body & your mind/body/spirit to this earth. Acknowledging this interconnection, even for a moment, can bring peace to your entire existence.

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