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Among the Flora is devoted to nourishing through our connection with nature, movement, and emotional well-being. Everything at ATF rooted in the belief that all things, terrestrial and celestial, are interconnected and affected by one another. Through our practices, we can choose to live as in-tune with our bodies and this planet as they will allow.


Doing what is genuinely best for our well-being simultaneously contributes to the greater good of all living things. Self-care is community-care. By sharing in reflective conversation, mindful movement, intuitive eating, emotional healing, and much more, my hope is to continue awakening the intrinsic power within each of us, while simultaneously revitalizing the essential connection to one another and this planet.


When we slow down to listen, allow, and align – we see that Earth’s cycles already hold all the answers, and it offers them freely. I’m just here to translate these truths and provide tools to assist along the way.

Rita Merino


Hello there! Rita here. I’m a certified movement and wellness coach deeply passionate about drawing on nature’s genius and the genius of our bodies. While I have an insatiable hunger for studying biomechanics and human performance, my outlook on wellness remains simple: embrace the rituals that enrich the experience of your life. Feeling healthy is meant to be fun and life-giving, not unrealistic or burdensome. I believe being active, fueling consciously, living intentionally, and being gentle through it all are not just the greatest forms of self-love, but some of the most powerful tools at our disposal.


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